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Tooth Whitening | Tooth whitening tips & remedies

Tooth Whitening:

Teeth is definitely one of the important factor in our overall personality. Many of them gets attracted with a Small and this happens only if we have clean, white & attractive teeth. People do wish to have white teeth, but either they don't have time to get it done or are apprehensive about the fact that a specialist / dentist might burn their pockets. Some of them are also afraid of the teeth pain or irritation that happens in this process (though it is a painless process).

There are some simple home remedies / simple teeth whitening tips that can be followed:

  • Rinse using Listerine & Peroxide solutions
  • Make a solution of baking soda, salt & vinegar. Then brush you teeth using this mixture
  • Use plain salt for brushing your teeth followed by brushing using your normal toothpaste
  • Rub your teeth with orange peel, brush immediately after this
  • Apply mashed strawberries on your teeth, brush immediately after this
  • Use mustard oil & salt and rub it on your teeth

Please note the best and safest way of tooth whitening is visiting a dentist

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Anonymous said...

I've been ready to get my root canal since the Fall last year. I've been able to postpone the visit to the dentist by using herbal medications, mainly drinking lots of green tea that prevented the infection from spreading. Can anyone suggest a good way to cure the infected tooth naturally? I am going to be using endodontist 4 less membership to reduce root canal cost. I would hate to have my tooth be killed like that by a dentist though. Does anyone have any suggestions for natural remedies for healing infected root canal of a tooth?

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