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The intention here is to provide some basic ailments / remedies for problems that we face in our day to day life. Both the genders are vulnarable to these problems and it is very essential to tackle these small issues to look & feel better. It is an attempt to provide some free information on these health disorders. If you have any suggestion or remedies for any health disorder please feel feel to write to me at , I will review the same & post it on this blog. I assure you that you will get the accredition for your contribution.

Health is a state of complete physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being

Fitness – "I believe in qualitative physical and mental fitness. Hence my one hour long work out session in the morning is a mix of cardio and lightweights training, wherein I also focus on my breathing. Breathing for me holds the key to the harmonious flow of prana(life’s breath).
I savour every moment of my fitness session in order to connect my mind to each body part I exercise. Every part of our system is linked to our mind and body, and vice versa. Through this practise I feel like one whole and not just a compartment of body parts. This relates to the age-old dictum — a sound mind in a sound body.
Diet – I strongly believe in the phrase you are what you eat. I turned into a pure vegetarian five years ago and I relish every morsel of my sattvic diet. I love fruits and vegetables and more so because of the nutritious fibre they provide which is good for the gut health.
It has been rightly said that everything we do is related to the gut — right from our ‘gut feelings’ to flushing waste materials out of our system. Along with a good fitness session a balanced diet is extremely important. This is because when your tummy is in good shape, it adds harmony to your overall health and well-being.
My hobbies act as a great stress buster. I love listening to old Hindi melodies and ghazals. Music is such a great relaxant, due to which I have started learning light classical music and devote my evenings towards it.
My other passion in photography as it feels like soulful imagery. Whenever I am on the go, my camera is present with me. There is a sense of history and continuity in pictures then be it of nature, people or places.
Getting out of the crowded city and travelling to places where I can savour nature’s bounty of hills and beautiful landscapes brings a lot of peace to my mind. During such excursions its not only photography but also writing poetry which helps me relax.
Besides this reading too brings about great joy, then be it reading stories to my grandson or my own books. Reading makes you the person you are, or want to be. It opens the door of knowledge and understanding. A book is one of the best companions you can have when you are alone.
Spiritualism acts as a path to good health. I am spiritual, but not just symbolically but by leading a life filled with humility and dedicated to my family and work. My spirituality is greatly reflected by the quality time I spend with my family – my son Akshay, daughter-in-law Ushma and grandson Hriman. What is especially exciting for me is spending time with my grandson because, in more ways than one, I am reliving my childhood.
The weekends spent at my home in Amby Valley also helps me connect to my inner self as I am not only able to relax in the midst of nature but also absorb the positive vibes of the natural surroundings."

Article by : Dr. Mukesh Batra (CMD - Dr. Batra's Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd.)

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