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The intention here is to provide some basic ailments / remedies for problems that we face in our day to day life. Both the genders are vulnarable to these problems and it is very essential to tackle these small issues to look & feel better. It is an attempt to provide some free information on these health disorders. If you have any suggestion or remedies for any health disorder please feel feel to write to me at , I will review the same & post it on this blog. I assure you that you will get the accredition for your contribution.

Headache Relief | Headache Treatment

Below are few steps that could be followed as home remedies in case of a headache.

  • Apply ice on the pain area. The main areas that could be concentrated are forehead, temple, sides of forehead and back of your neck.
  • Taking a small walk could be useful. If this is done hearing a slight music it could work well. Make sure that the music is not with heavy beats and noisy.
  • Be aloof when headaches attack you. Be away from noisy areas.
  • Take a small nap
  • Take a smooth head massage
  • Ask anybody to rub your forehead and neck smoothly
  • Relax in a quiet room with dim lights
  • If you are alone using the index finger / thumb & apply periodic gentle pressure on the pain area.
  • Headache also tend to effect the neck area, simple physiotherapy exercise could also be useful

Please note in case of severe headache do visit a physician / a specialist.

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